A university professor says he has discovered a population of fairies and shows us the proof

In this article we will talk about Mr. John Hyatt. He is a university professor who claims to have made a sensational discovery.

It seems the teacher has discovered an entire population of bizarre creatures. According to scientists, these creatures should not exist.

But John Hyatt has come to prove his statement about these strange creatures. He made public pictures of these creatures.

John Hyatt said that in Rossendale’s rural area of ​​Great Britain, there is a large population of fairies.

According to the teacher, these fairies are very much like human beings.

The only big difference is that the fairies have a much smaller size than humans and can fly.

Recently an exhibition called Rossendale Fairies was also opened. This exhibition is in the Whitaker Museum.

It seems that these fairies are completely different from the phrases described in stories books.

Also in the UK, another person named Phyllis Bacon was able to photograph a similar wreath in New Addington’s garden.

If we look further into the past, we can see a case dating back to 1917 when Frances Griffiths discovered similar fairies.

Watch the following video and see for yourself:

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