Inseparable dogs always shared a bed – a year after one passed away, the other still leaves his spot open

Whether you are a human or an animal , creating a special bond and friendship with someone , touches your heart and your life in a deep way and if you ever get separated by life’s  destiny , the hurt will remain with  you for a long time.

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 An image shared shows a little puppy that is said is keeping up   and old routine he and his friend used to have , even with one of the dogs passing away the other is honouring his memory and is mourning his besties death.

A dog lover named Caitlin Wynne had a dog named George , and after several years when George turned 7 she decided it was about time George have company , and a friend, so she adopted a Shih Tzu dog named Harry , that was a great decision since the pair hit off immediately and they become best friends.

“They got on really well,” Caitlin told The Dodo . Harry was always more playful and energetic than George, but they’d still play and would always sleep next to each other.”

Harry was a bit more shy , tells Caitlin but with the help of his older brother, he was getting rid of his shell step by step.

Even with each of them having their beds , their bond was so strong , they always shared a bed tells Caitlin

“They just always wanted to stay together.”

When George turned 15 years old,  sadly started to have health problems , but the dogs still insisted on staying together in one bed , and Harry trying to take care of his older brother , used to leave the bigger space for George and he would scope on the side of the bed.

George’s condition worsened , and heartbroken Caitlin knew she had to put her dog down,she says Harry felt what was going on.

“I slept on the sofa the night before we had George put to sleep to keep him company and Harry was pacing around the room crying,” she told The Dodo. “[He] wouldn’t sleep all night, as if he knew something was wrong.”

After a year, Harry still sleeps on the side of the bed like he used to when George was getting sick, after all this time he still was thinking of his bestie , and Caitlin says she notices how much was Harry affected by his brother passing away.

Image result for Inseparable dogs always shared a bed—a year after one died, the other still leaves his spot open

“Almost a year on and he clearly still misses George,” Caitlin said. She shared the photos on Twitter, saying that she was “crying,” and  the post has received around 8,000 retweets.

The twitter friends , than started to share similar stories of their pets, while being grateful for having these creatures into their lives.

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