Meet Thor, the most beautiful bengal cat in the world!

Cats are really cute  pets, they make people  melt with their peaceful side and cute  meowing, in today’s news we have a special  cat that has become an internet sensation around the world and that all with right reasons.

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In this story we have a famous  cat , whose Instagram has more than 200.000 followers and he has a big wide fandom.

Thor is a really unique looking cat, with green emerald eyes, and a unique print fur that makes him  look like a tiger.

Thor has a mix of brown and orange colours on his  fur, and his strips make it look like a little tiger, this unique appearance make Thor to have his  photos published all the time in social media, he  is a sensation and is not hard to see why.


Thor is a bengal cat which is a mixed breed between a domestic cat and a leopard, while they are soft and tamed pets, their  look is a   mix of a tiger and a leopard and make them look wild.

Rani Cucicov is Thor ‘s owner , he found  the cat at a  cattery in 2013 in the Netherlands , and immediately fell in love with cats unique charms.

“We actually came to look at another kitten, but then the breeder said she had another one that was available and then she came with Thor in her hands,” Cucicov told HuffPost. .

“We immediately fell in love with his beautiful ‘orange brown’ colors.”

Thor is  like  a little tiger, he is a dominant king  at home Rani tells, and he demands to be treated as such, but apart from this side , Thor has a  playful cuddly side and he is quiet most of the time.

With the unique  fur , tiger stripes and leopard prints Thor is the cutest and most extraordinary cat you have ever seen, and his Instagram fandom approves that with all the likes and comments toward little furry sensation.

Thor looks like a mystic  and wild creature for outsiders , but Rani says he is in fact  really playful at their home.


“He loves to chase flies!” Rani said. “That comes in handy for us because we don’t need a fly catcher in the house.”

Seeing the really different and unique  colours of Thor a lot of people just don’t believe something so beautiful can be real.

“The funniest thing I read was that people were saying that Thor wasn’t real and that we just photoshopped a cat and added a tigers body,” she said. “Of course this isn’t true. Thor is real and definitely not photoshopped or anything. There are pictures with filters which we put on instagram or where we put more shadow etc. because the picture is too clear or light and, of course, we try to make him look best,but we never fake his colors nor photoshop him to look like a tiger or something,” Rani says.

Wow Thor you are gorgeous, you can add one more fan in you list,  because I’m in love with your unique self as well.

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