Strange Events at Fuxian Lake – Ancient Aliens Are Coming Back!

An expert diver took part in the discovery of his life when he sank into Fuxian Lake in China.

He discovered a surprising phenomenon on the bottom of Lake Fuxian.

On the bottom of the lake, professional diver Geng Wei has discovered a lot of enormous hand-sculpted stones along with a lot of ancient artifacts.

On the surface of about 100 square miles, many relics of a very advanced ancient civilization have been discovered.

The depth at which the relics were discovered is 509 feet. Fuxian Lake is the second deepest lake in China.

This discovery is extremely important due to the fact that at the bottom of this lake were found evidence of an extremely advanced ancient civilization. Here were the ruins of a whole ancient city that had roads and buildings as if it were an underwater city.

However, this city was built during the time when there is no Fuxian lake. This should raise many questions because the estimated time is sometime before the last ice age.

The discovery of the city was so immense that the researchers also brought a submarine that they used to study the mysterious city more thoroughly.

A question was on the lips of all those involved in this project: Was this city the work of a very advanced alien civilization?

The city had arena-type buildings and even a pyramid.

The pyramid that is in the submerged city of Fuxian Lake is a very unusual one.

It seems that this pyramid is as old as the Pyramids of Egypt and even higher than these.

Could this discovery really be the remains of a very advanced ancient civilization that lived before the flood?

An even more interesting theory has begun to take on Fuxian Lake. It’s about the existence of an underground alien base that would be on the bottom of Fuxian Lake.

The aliens of the ancient aliens theorists believe that this underwater base exists on the bottom of Lake Fuxian.

They suggest that USOs are a reality. USO is the abbreviation of “Unidentified Submersible Objects”.

It seems that these USOs are well documented in ancient Chinese chronicles.

Even in ancient Chinese stories, there is a colossal sample living on the bottom of Lake Fuxian that was able to rise from the water and fly to the sky.

These texts lead with the thought that this monster could be a part-USO, part-UFO.

It seems that in 1991 it was the first well-documented incident with a USO that happened on Lake Fuxian.

A fisherman in the area, named Zhang Yuxiang, fished on the surface of Lake Fuxian using a small boat.

That day was a very clear and quiet one. However, suddenly a fog began to appear on the entire surface of the lake.

It seems that immediately after the appearance of the mysterious fog a UFO arose from the waters of the lake and flew to the sky.

Fisherman Zhang Yuxiang, who was the only witness, described this UFO as a very brilliant disc that came out of the water at a huge speed.

The energy released by this UFO was so great that the fisherman’s boat overturned when the USO came out of the water and started flying to the sky.

The Fuxian Lake area is an area well-known for many events and bizarre incidents over the years.


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