90-year-old woman declined chemo, started to travel with her dog instead

Age is just a number. How you feel inside tells really if you’re young or old. No matter the years, there are people full of life.

This woman proves it the best. Miss Norma was diagnosed with a serious diagnosis but that did not stop her wanting to see the world.

This woman, 90-years-old, decided to start her trip around the world with her son, daughter in law and their Poodle, named Ringo.

She is so positive and energetic that have surprised even her doctor. After a consulting they had, he encouraged her that she was doing the best thing, because it was quite a risk if they would initiate the surgery for her.

And now with her beloved ones, Norma is enjoying a lot of her time travelling. They do not have a specific destination. Just travelling where they want and living the moment.

What a brave and encouraging woman!

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