Man Custom-Built A Kayak So He Could Take His Dogs Out On Adventures

The best things in life are the ones you share with someone you love.

Linda Bahnson

David Bahnson a 67 year old noticed that Susie his puppy could fit perfectly in the baggage compartment of his kayak, then he realized that if he does a few adjustments, he will be able to share his love of kayaking with his sweet pooch.

The old man added a bit of coaming around the baggage compartment to make sure that Susie would stay comfortable and dry, just like that, the adventures began.

David adored bringing the puppy out in the water and the furry was so excited to get involved in the family’s adventures.

When David and his wife welcomed another dog into their life he quickly added a second hole to the kayak so that little Ginger could come along as well.

Linda Bahnson

Ginger and Susie felt safe and happy while David took them on adventures in the little vessel, whenever they returned to the shore the canines waited patiently for permission to leave the kayak.

Even though both the dogs were strong swimmers they never jumped overboard while they were out in the kayak.

The dogs have spent a lot of happy times out on the water together with Bahnson and his wife, they also were treated to other family adventures, such as joining David in his helicopter or going on road trips.

The life of these canined were filled with adventures and even though Ginger and Susie both have passed away since they live on in the memory.

Linda Bahnson

David and his wife are continuing the tradition and now are treating their new pets to fun and exciting kayak trips.

Linda Bahnson

The pets love having fun and getting fresh air but most of all they love spending time with their family.

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