Kitten who showed up on a family’s backyard asking for help finally comes back again

A cute kitten showed up on a family’s backyard and when the family saw it they were so happy and willing to help it. But, she ran away immediately.

Not passing too much time, she came back to the family, asking for help.

The kitten was noticed by Lindsay from Brooklyn, New York, who saw the kitten all alone on a last September. It was very skinny and she seemed to have the need for help. 

Lindsay immediately got closer to her, but the kitten ran away. She seemed to be frightened. However, after some days, she came back again, and this time did not leave. Lindsay decided to take her home.

She noticed that the kitten was starving and also had fleas in her fury. She gave her food, a good meal and only after the good treatment the kitten warmed up to the family. 

The family called Flatbush cats rescue, which is located in Brooklyn and they immediately came to her, as she needed medical care. 

They first gave her a bath, where the water even turned red from all the blood excerment that the fleas had done to her body. One of the members of Flatbush Cats said that kittens under 8 weeks need to take bath with Dawn soap and follow up with a flea-comb.

Amelia was one of the volunteers to foster the kitten and nurse her back to the normal health. They named her Pepper, and now she was safe, clean and in good health condition. She also said that the kitten will never starve again and will give her a lot of love to live a good life.

Pepper adapted fast into the indoor life. Growing bigger, even her eyes color changed and seemed to turn in a confident cat. 

After a few weeks in the rescue center, she found a forever home, with her foster brother too!

Pepper was adopted in October. Her brother Brewski, is very excited to have her in their family and has a pleasure to take care of her. 

The family seems to offer a lot of love to both of them. Pepper, seemes to be the princess of the house.

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