Adorable Shelter Puppy With Mustache Looking For A Home

An adorable puppy in shelter that amazed all people by saying ‘Wow, is it real?’

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Hearts and Bones Rescue

That’s because of her unique facial fur bears more than a passing resemblance to a mustache! Mustache puppy, now appropriately named “Salvador Dolly,” was one of 11 puppies that came in to Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center with their mom.

Updated :

Luckily, the shelter knew the puppies needed a foster home quickly and thanks to a grant from Maddie’s Fund at the Best Friends Animal Society National Conference the family moved to the care of Hearts and Bones Rescue who quickly found a foster home that would look after the entire family.

They filmed this adorable video of the dog family making their freedom walk from the shelter. Finally this mustache puppy and her babies are out of the shelter and they have found a foster home.

On the other hand, the comments on Facebook flooded the moment the photos of Salvador Dolly’s photos were posted. Comments were like: “I can’t even believe that mustache!”, “This pup has the look!”. 

Although Salvador Dolly is getting all the “ooohs” and “ahhhs”, her 10 siblings are equally adorable. They are all the same, cute and beautiful

Once the puppies are weaned, they will be transported to New York City. Hearts and Bones is actively looking for foster and forever homes in New York for the last week of August.


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