This is Why You Should NOT Cut Your Hair – This Has Deeper Meaning Than You Expected

Have you ever heard of the story of Samson and Delilah?

Samson was an extremely powerful emperor who ruled the kingdom with an iron hand.

It seems that power was due to the long hair that Samson had.

As soon as Samson was betrayed by Delilah and his hair was cut off, his kingdom was conquered by the Philistines.

Have you noticed that absolutely all the men and women of the indigenous tribes have long hair?

Even witches have long hair. It seems that hair is, in fact, an extension of the nervous system.

The hair acts like an antenna. This antenna can capture information from the environment.

Even the monks in the Christian church have long hair. They think that long hair helps with intuition and sixth sense. Most monks are convinced that long hair helps with better meditation.

Armies and penitentiaries around the world do not like long hair. The reason is simple, the military or the convicts must be powerless. Those in charge want complete control over them. They want them not to think too much and make their own decisions.

Remember Leonardo Da Vinci? This outstanding person in our history has had long hair throughout his life.

But not only Da Vinci had long hair. If you look closely, almost all personalities in the past had long hair. Philosophers, architects, emperors, all had long hair.

Maria Orsic was one of the best mediums in the world. It collaborated with the Vril Ezoterica Society. Her hair reached to the floor. She states that her hair acts as an antenna, with the help of which she can communicate with interdimensional beings.

Watch the following video to understand all details about why you should not cut your hair:

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