They are Expecting us on The Other Side – Dreams of 14,000 Dying People Studied by This Scientist

Life after death has always been a very sensitive subject. This is also due to the fact that this subject is closely related to religion.

And whenever we talk about religion, it seems that every individual has a different opinion.

Since the beginning of the human race, death has been considered one of the greatest mysteries in the world.
But very interesting are the visions before the moment of death.

All those who have relatives who have died of natural death, meaning those who have died of old age, know what I am talking about.

A scientific study was conducted on patients at Hospice Bullafo Hospital in NY.

This study revealed something very spectacular about the visions people had before they died.

This interesting study by the scientist shows us that people on the deathbed get help from the other side.

From the moment we are born we can only be sure of one thing. It is that at some point, sooner or later, we will die.

This is terrifying for most people. We’re talking about fear of death.

But if we look carefully at someone who dies from natural causes we realize that death seems a normal process, a natural transition to a better place.

Watch carefully the two videos below and you can learn more about this controversial topic:

Video 1:

Video 2:

I hope you liked this article. What is your opinion about the dreams of people on the deathbed? Do you think there is life after death? Leave a comment below.

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