The Pineal Gland is The Biggest Secret of Humanity and Our Ancestors Knew About It

One of the greatest puzzles of the human body is the pineal gland. The name of the pineal gland is due to its shape, similar to a pine cone. The pineal gland is located near the center of the brain. Since ancient times, the pineal gland has been called “the third eye”. Have you ever wondered why?

Mankind has never been able to discover all the secrets of the human body and reach the maximum potential of our race.

The latest research shows that the pineal gland would be even stronger and more important than the brain itself. It seems that the pineal gland begins to work only when the brain is not conscious.

One of the methods of activating the pineal gland is through intense meditation or even sleep.

More and more top researchers believe that this pineal gland is really the key with which people can access other dimensions.

Another opinion of many researchers in the field would be that dreams are in fact other dimensions.

Dreams are actually a portal between different parallel realities. And the goal of dreams is to access different dimensions and gain some knowledge. This could be one of the explanations why people can dream places and situations that never existed.

After many military and private experiments, it has been discovered that with the help of the pineal gland one can control the mind of another individual.

The pineal gland is a key element that has been repeatedly mentioned throughout history. Descartes world this pineal gland “seat of the soul”.

Other researchers are of the opinion that the experiences of death are generated by the pineal gland. There is a possibility that after death, the pineal gland gives us access to another reality.

A researcher has recently discovered that the soul only enters the fetus after the formation of the pineal gland.

If you watch the following videos carefully, you will understand more about this mysterious pineal gland:

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