THE END OF SCHOOL: AI ‘Google brain’ implants to REPLACE education and ‘supercharge IQ’

Experts in the field of artificial intelligence are of the opinion that our lives will change radically with AI. Artificial intelligence will help us learn things in a way that has not been seen so far.

CEO and founder of said they are working on a revolutionary way to personalize education.

It seems that the current model of education is cumbersome and is based only on memorizing many things.

People no longer need this obsolete learning-based learning method, because we have access to any information whenever we want. We no longer have to memorize.

With AI everyone can learn new things wherever they are. Whether you open the smart TV, be in the car, on the phone or use smart glasses, everyone can ask for AI help using the “teach me about this” phrase.

You will not have to remember things anymore. The teacher will no longer rely on the memorized because you will have any information at hand.

This will greatly develop people’s creativity and their IQ will grow exponentially.

Watch the following video to see more details about this interesting topic:

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