Strange Signal That Astonished Astronomers for 17 Years Was Traced to Observatory’s Microwave Oven

For nearly 17 years, astronomers working on one of Australia’s most popular radio telescopes have been unable to explain where a strange signal comes from.

They speculated at one point that even a signal of alien origin, coming from a very distant galaxy.

Strange is the fact that this signal was not transmitted constantly. It only appeared a few times a year and could only be received within a radius of 5 kilometers around the observer.

One of the first theories was that it was lightning that is somehow captured by a radio telescope.

Astronomers were amazed when they discovered the true source of the bizarre signal that did not give them peace for 17 years. It was a trivial microwave oven.

Astronomers control the radio remote from the telescope, and only those in the maintenance team are present within the observer. These people in the maintenance team used for 17 years the microwave that created so many questions.

This once again demonstrates that not everything that we can not understand is directly related to aliens.

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