Researchers Built a Very Fast, AI-powered Universe Simulation – But They Can’t Figure Out How It Works

Almost anyone had a moment in their life when they did something incredible without knowing exactly how they did.

It seems that a group of astrophysicists has also passed through a similar occurrence.

This international group of astrophysicists was working on an extremely complex and almost impossible project. They wanted to create a 3D simulation of the universe.

It seems these astrophysicists have been able to create a 3D simulation of a whole universe that works perfectly, but they have absolutely no idea how this simulation works.

Their whole work has been published here: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It seems that the pioneering work of this group of astrophysicists is a huge step for mankind. With this simulation, scientists will be able to better understand the universe, nature, and more.

Everything could be done with artificial intelligence. What is even more important in these rapid simulations created by artificial intelligence is that AI can simulate the direction in which the universe will go under different conditions.

It seems that artificial intelligence has developed enormously in recent years. The proof is that even the creators of this technology cannot explain exactly how this simulation works. One thing is certain, the simulation works perfectly.

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