Piece of Flying Saucer Crashed in Romania Yesterday Makes The News

A very bizarre incident has happened recently in Romania. A metal piece weighing about 70 pounds fell from the sky and destroyed the balcony of a residential building. This strange incident quickly created panic among the city’s inhabitants.

This incident has attracted the attention of ufologists and researchers all over the world. One interesting thing is that this piece of metal seems to have been detached from an object that has a circular shape. The circular shape is specific to flying saucers. In most cases, people who saw UFOs describe these objects as having a circular shape.

Locals were asked if they had any theory about the origin of the mysterious object.

They came up with more strange theories. Among them are: “It’s from God” or “Maybe it’s from a train” (but we know that trains don’t fly.

Local authorities have opened a criminal file for destruction and bizarrely they try to find the author of the incident. It is very unlikely that the author of the incident is found.


What is your opinion about this metallic piece fallen from the sky?

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