People Shared Amazing Photos of Their Rare Physical Anomalies

1. A child born with same white strand as her mother

2. Strange iris divided in half with two colors

3. A person with six fingers. He has two middle fingers.

4. Some people do not hear with an ear and have white spots on their hair. This anomaly it’s called Waardenburg Syndrome.

5. Mirror arm is one of the most terrifying genetic anomalies.

6. 1% of the world’s population is born with Elf ears.

7. Strange hand due to the amniotic hauling syndrome.

8. More and more people are born annually with only 4 fingers.

9. In very rare cases, some people get nose with an iris scar. No one knows why this happens.

10. People with equally accreted toes. (one of 3000 cases)

11. Some children are born with “tentacles” under the tongue.

12. Six fingers on one foot and four fingers on second foot.

13. Believe it or not, some people are born with three fingers

14. Some people have 5 fingers but they don’t have the big one. This is called Trifalang thumb.

15. People born with nasal bridge

Do you have a weird anomaly? Leave a photo in the comment section below.

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