Much of the human race will ascend to the 5th dimension soon – Have you felt the symptoms?

Lately, it has been observed that our planet is going through a turbulent vibrational period.

It seems that more and more people are beginning to feel these intense vibrations. These vibrations can be both positive and negative.

Much of the human race is preparing to ascend to the 5th dimension. Some of the most common symptoms for this ascent are: nausea, physical discomfort and bad taste while eating.

You need to be prepared for a radical change that is coming in fast. It all started a few years ago and if you count among the people who have begun to feel the change, you can consider yourself lucky.

As we move closer to entering the 5th dimension, our sensitivity increases. Everything happens without us realizing.

It is said that in new earthly life there will be no more suffering or bad things. Everything will rely on light.

The reason why everything changes from a vibrational point of view is that people begin to realize that life is not just suffering.

Watch the full video and see for yourself:

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