Most Clear Triangle UFO Images You Have Ever Seen

The well-known ufologist and founder of the site Dr. Michael Salla have recently posted impressive pictures with a triangular UFO.

Photos of the unidentified flying object were made in Orlando, Florida at about 1:20 am.

The author of these photos is a confidential source of ufologist Michael Salla. He was very scared and did not want to reveal his true identity.

The photographer told him that immediately after he made those photos he was approached by two men in black.

Men in Black threatened the photographer to remain silent and not to talk about what he saw and photographed that night.

That UFO was triangular, and in every corner, there was a very bright white light. The UFO hovered at an altitude of about 45 feet near the photographer’s home.

Below you can watch Michael Salla’s original video on his YouTube channel:

What is your opinion about these triangle UFO images?

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