MIT Wants To Replace Streetlights – They Invented Glowing Plants (Video)

The future solution for street lighting could be glowing trees and plants. MIT has been successful in creating bioluminescent plants.

These plants contain special nanoparticles that make plants illuminate.

The chemical substances involved in this project are similar to those that a firefly uses to shine at night.

These chemicals help a small plant to generate enough light to read a book.

To be able to accomplish this impressive project, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT )turned to an enzyme called luciferase.

Luciferase makes plants light up at night and emit light.

So the street lighting of the future could be generated by genetically modified plants to be able to glow in the dark and emit light.

This small plant in the above image can glow in the dark for 6 hours each night.

Researchers are confident that they will be able to genetically modify plants in the future in order to increase their brightness.

Michael Strano, a professor at MIT, believes these glowing plants are a green alternative to classical lighting.

Watch the below video to understand more about this project:

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