Mind Blowing Fact: The Vatican’s Wealth Can End World Hunger Twice

Today, on our planet, more than half of the population lives at $ 2.5 a day. This means that 3.5 billion people almost die of hunger.

It seems like nobody is trying to do anything to solve this situation.

The population of the Vatican does not exceed 1,000 inhabitants.

Even if it is such a small state, the Vatican is extremely rich. So rich that it could eradicate world hunger not once, but twice.

The pots that the Pope holds in their left hand during religious ceremonies each have 122 diamonds each. And the pots he holds in his right hand have 72 diamonds each. Do not forget that the Vatican has 600 cups, all covered with extremely expensive diamonds.

It seems that the Vatican has never been interested in eradicating global hunger. Their interest was always the same: to gather as much wealth as possible for them and for the elite of Catholic priests.

The Vatican’s real estate is estimated at $ 4 billion.

The Vatican even has a bank. This bank has made the Catholic Church one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. Vatican Bank has been involved in a lot of scandals over time.

However, this bank is a very secret one. They do not want the poor to know how rich they really are.

The Vatican Bank was involved in a corruption scandal along with the secret Masonic lodge Propaganda Due. In that scandal in 2013, Italian police demonstrated that 5 billion euros were fraudulently stolen from the Vatican bank. Monsignor Nunzio Scarano was arrested for financial fraud and money laundering.

The Vatican also has very good relationships with the Sicilian Mafia and Camora. For this reason several years ago, Pope Benedict was the first Pope in history to resign.

It seems that the Vatican also collaborates with Illuminati and many other Masonic organizations. There have been many scandals over time about children.

It seems that the purpose of the Vatican and the Catholic Church is to keep people poor and scared of an imaginary God.

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