Jade stones describing alien contact found in a cave in Mexico

Locals from a small town near Veracruz discovered very mysterious jade stones. They found the jade stones inside a cave from a forest. These jade stones were actually very complex sculptures describing many humanoid beings with very large heads that were similar to what we call the gray aliens today.

Javier Lopez Diaz is the journalist who made this discovery known. He used Twitter to make this discovery viral. Shortly after he announced the discovery of jade stones, the news went around the world.

The journalist has said that some sculptures clearly represent the description of a real contact with an alien civilization. These entities from other worlds could be aliens who helped develop the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

There is no doubt that these carved jade stones are authentic. They have been carefully inspected by various scientists and they have confirmed that they are authentic.

In the cave where these jade stones were discovered, there were various drawings that described people’s contact with these beings from other worlds.

They even described alien spaceships. The researchers found and deciphered some symbols on these jade stones. The translation of the title is amazing: “Stones of the First Encounter”.

Below you can see a video that was made by a local television:

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