Hollow Earth: Thule Secret Society and the Famous Land of Agartha

In 1943 German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz said that the Führer’s huge submarine fleet has achieved to create a real fortress at the other end of the world.

The admiral referred to a fortification made by the Nazis in the Queen Maude’s Land region of Antarctica. This region was later renamed by the nazis in Neuschwabenland.

After the end of the Second World War and the surrender of the Nazis, in April 1945 it appeared that the German submarine U-530 left Kiel Port and headed for Antarctica.

After arriving at the destination, the military had clear orders to build an ice cave in the Neuschwabenland region.

After building this cave in the ice, the submarine went to a port in Argentina where all Nazi soldiers surrendered to the authorities.

After this event, other Nazi submarines surrendered to the Argentine authorities.

Next year in 1946, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal created a special operation called “Operation Highjump”.

Many ships took part in this project, including two destroyers and aircraft carriers equipped with espionage planes.

Many believe that this research operation was actually a cover for what actually happened there.

The US Army was actually looking for flying saucers created by the Nazis helped by the Thule Secret Society.

Airplanes equipped with espionage equipment were actually looking for underground bases created by the Nazis in that region.

When other countries like New Zealand wanted to join this operation, they were denied by the US military.

This refusal to collaborate with the US Army further feeds conspiracy theory.

A curious fact is that the US government has never made public pictures or recordings of that research mission.

Most followers of the conspiracy theory said the real reason why the US government did not publish these pictures is a simple one. The mission was in fact a recognition and recovery of the Nazi flying saucers in the Antarctic.

A few years later in 1949, James Forrestal was in a hospital. He was a close friend of Admiral Byrd. After he began telling doctors about the events in Antarctica related to flying saucers and Nazi underground cities, he was suddenly denied the right to be visited by relatives. (including his wife)

Shortly after this incident, he fell on the window of the hospital room and died. The official story is that she committed suicide. But it seems he was silenced by government agents.

Another reason for this mission could be the search for a mysterious realm. It’s about the entrance to the lost Aryan homeland of Thule.

In 2001 the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Support Office for Aero-geophysical Research have said that in an Antarctic region close to Lake Vostok there is a big magnetic anomaly.

This anomaly is specific to a man-made construction.

An interesting letter appeared recently. This letter was sent on March 2, 1985, from a German submarine. In this letter, a crew member shows the precise coordinates of the submarine mission heading toward the center of the earth. The submarine was called U-209 and was then under the command of Captain Heinrich Brodda.

The author of the letter admitted that our planet is actually hollow and that they had successfully reached the inner inhabited earth in the German U-209 submarine after World War II had destroyed Germany.

The letter was sent by that crew member to a friend in Germany.

If we carefully analyze the history of the U-209 submarine we find that it is indeed missing.

Even more interesting is the fact that the latest known coordinates of the U-209 submarine are 52°00’N-38°00’W meaning between Greenland and Iceland.

Documents obtained by Russians after World War II show that there are several ways of access to the underground world.

They have a detailed map that contains the exact position of these access ways.

What is your opinion on this subject? Is it all an invention? Or is there still a bit of truth?

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