Genius Russian Kid “Born on Mars”: Sphinx Holds The Biggest Secret on Earth (Video)

A boy named Boris astonished the whole world when he said he was actually a reincarnated martian on Earth.

The child’s mother said that during pregnancy she had absolutely no pain, even at birth. This aroused suspicions.

Then, after his mother brought Boris home, she began to notice all kinds of strange things about Boris.

Boris never cried and his health was always perfect. Not even the slightest cold.

At the age of only eight months, Boris had already been able to speak fluently.

When he was two, Boris began to draw the aura of the people around him. This has been confirmed by a team of researchers in the field.

When she was 3 years old, the child began drawing very elaborate sketches of many solar systems, she could name every planet and every satellite. All these things without ever seeing anything about astronomy.

Boris’s most intriguing story is his previous life on Mars. It seems that Mars lives on a very warrior race that has destroyed its atmosphere during countless wars. And after Mars was left without the atmosphere, they moved underground.

Watch the following video and see all revelations:

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