Ever heard about BLACK GOO? Bizarre substance who seems to possess intelligence

Recently, an extremely strange substance appeared in rainwater in Germany.

This substance called Black Goo seems to live and has a kind of intelligence.

The first clue that makes us believe this is the way this substance moves.

This liquid crystal would have been extracted from SS stones from World War II.

These stones are extremely similar to the stones found in Mecca and Kabba.

It seems that this crystal would have arrived on our planet from somewhere in space.

It contains monoatomic gold and monoatomic iridium.

The priests of antiquity used something similar for certain rituals that promised eternal youth to those who ingested this substance.

Monoatomic gold is even mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 2 verse 12: “The gold of this earth is pure, aromatic, resinous and the onyx stones are there.”

An extremely bizarre thing that raises a lot of questions is the fact that the Bush family even German Chancellor Angela Merkel owns properties right next to a Black Goo deposit.

Watch the following video to see all the mind-blowing details about Black Goo:

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