Huge Discovery Made by Army and We Have 2 Videos

It seems that lately, some video evidence has emerged that would show an army meeting with a giant in Kandahar.

In this article, you will see two extremely interesting videos.

We are not 100% sure if these videos are real but please tell us your opinion about this incident.

MLA Steve Quayle was part of a top-secret military program. He contacted us with a pilot who wants to remain anonymous. This pilot tells an extremely bizarre story. He claims to have carried a deceased giant to the Ohio military base.

The pilot says that when he arrived at the scene, his superiors told him that he had a dead giant on the plane and that he must carry it to the Ohio military base.

It looks like this giant was shot in a cave in Afghanistan. But shortly before he was killed, the giant managed to attack a lot of soldiers.

First video:

Second video:

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