An island in Norway wants to permanently destroy the concept of time

An unusual phenomenon is happening on an island in Norway. In this island, the sun does not set for a few weeks. And the population no longer sees the purpose of preserving the concept of time.

In Sommaroy, the sun remains in the sky for about 70 days. The inhabitants of this island practically no longer need the concept of time.

If this Norwegian island succeeded in erasing the concept of time, then it would become the first community in history to abolish the concept of time.

Imagine what is happening on this small island. If the sun is constantly in the sky, then you no longer need to know exactly what the clock is.

For example, young children have no restrictions on how much time they play outside. Being light always, they can play outside at any time.

What do you think of this initiative of giving up the concept of time? What would you do if you live in a region where the day seems to never end?

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