An Amateur Managed to Make The Best Video of Area 51 and a UFO

A UFO enthusiast has been able to capture very clearly a UFO that is directly above the famous Area 51 in Nevada.

The young man went to a mountain that was very close to Area 51. His real name is Christian and he owns a YouTube channel where he has various discoveries.

Everything seemed chaotic that day in Area 51. The planes were taking off and landing. A UFO walks freely among them as the area is overtaken by Sikorsky HH-60 attack helicopters.

It seems that things have been gaining momentum in Area 51. A lot of secret projects are taking place simultaneously.

Still, this UFO shot by Christian seems to be from another world with a technology that only extraterrestrials would have.

Watch the original video and see for yourself:

Article created by Vlad © Alien Blog

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