A planet very similar to the earth was discovered! See all the details!

Recently, a team of researchers and astronomers have made a monumental discovery. The team was run by the University of Gottingen along with the Cancer Institute of Astrophysics.

These researchers have managed to discover a living planet very close to the Teegarden Star.

Researchers have used the latest technology to discover this planet. One of the methods used was the radial velocity.

The good news is that this planet very similar to Earth is very close. The distance to it is about 12 light years. The planet is located in the constellation Aries.

It seems that this planet is the best candidate for human colonization. Climate, temperature and the environment are almost identical to those on our planet.

Even the mass of this planet is close to Earth’s.

Watch the following video in order to see all the details about this amazing planet:

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