A mysterious stone disk similar with UFO was discovered in China

Many large disk shaped stones were found in China at the beginning of this year. Many scientists were called to come and investigate the “flying saucers”.

Scientists said that the disk shaped stones were created in Paleozoic. This means that the ufo stones were made aprox. 300 million years ago.

The flying saucer stones were also found in the Shuibuya Dam in the Sichuan basin.

The stones were found by a construction worker. He was working on a new highway. He was really shocked after he saw the ufo stones. He stated that he never saw anything like this. The similarity between these stones and ufo is very big.

The flying saucer stones were found in a perfect horizontal alignment. The space between stones was exactly 1.6 meters. Nobody knows why the ufo stones were equally distributed.

Scientists examined the ufo stones and concluded that the rock is different than the rocks from the surrounding mountains.

Here you can see an actual image of a scientist investigating the stones:

Some skeptics say that ufo stones are just normal stones that were polished by wind and water erosion while some scientists said that those stone may be fossilized little UFO drones that once belonged to an alien mothership.

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